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Brother and Sister Bills

Posted on 10 January 2012 by Peter

I was watching Cajun Pawn Stars last night, and some guy brought in $5,000 and $10,000 Brother and Sister Bills. Right when they explained what a Brother and Sister Bill was, my wife came into the room and started talking.

I kinda heard the explanation of why you don’t see many bills of this denomination (to easy to transport large sums of money or something like that), but I really wanted to know what a Brother and Sister Bill was.

Of course I turned to Google and thought, this should be easy! WRONG!!!

I couldn’t believe this question was not documented on some collector’s site! I posted the question on, but I haven’t received any responses.

I finally found the answer!

A Brother and Sister Bill are bills which have the same serial number but on different denominations.

Basically the dude from Cajun Pawn Stars had a $5,000 note that had the same serial number as a $10,000 note which he owned.

I had never heard the term “Brother and Sister Bills” before this show, but then again I don’t collect money.

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  1. kris jones Says:

    I though the numbers were together

  2. kris jones Says:

    as in two of the same bill has just one digit apart.

  3. Peter Says:

    If you mean like having several $2 bills and the serial numbers are in sequence, no, those are not brother and sister bills. You can get sequential bills pretty easily. You can but uncut sheets directly from the US Mint and I believe they are sequential.

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